For 21 Years William T. Moyer was owner of “Structural Damage Specialists”, Performing Termite damage repairs for major pest control companies in North and South Carolina. One day he was working on termite damage repairs and he got the idea for a way to detect hidden termites without tearing the walls out. He discovered that termites produce more CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) than all other living things combined thru their digestion of cellulose material. He built a prototype detector and tested it while performing termite damage repairs. The tests showed the prototype was 100% accurate. He applied for a patent and it was approved two years later, Patent #US6,255,652 B1 and he founded Termite Detection Systems (Now an international company) fourteen years ago. Over the years the Termite Detection System has been periodically upgraded to reflect newer sensor technology. The latest versions are the TDS-II Professional Termite and Bed Bug Detector and the BBD-100 Personal Bed Bug Detector.


He has written and published twenty two books on entomology, botany and life experiences. He has been happily married for forty five years and has a son and daughter plus five grandchildren




Termite and Bed Bug Detection Systems

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