Termite and Bed Bug Detection Systems

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“Be proactive and find more termites with the TDS-II PROFESSIONAL termite and bed bug detector. It is a high quality, 100% accurate, termite finding machine.” Keith Gross, Gross Pest Services in Punta Gorda, Fla. grosspestservices@gmail.com

I use the hell out of it.  It works great and has brought me a lot of business. Termitrac is too expensive and takes forever to tell me anything. TDS is fast, accurate and costs a lot less.  I love it.
Sal Pecora, Owner, Pecora Pest management, west Palm beach, Florida.

"This system is GREAT. I show it to other WDO inspectors and they are impressed with the system. It is truly a GREAT investment. I also explain to my clients how it works since they are with me during the inspection time. It is a GREAT feeling for the clients to know right at that time, whether there is live activity or no activity. I would HIGHLY recommend this SPECIAL TOOL to anyone who takes their profession seriously and with pride. Thank you once again".

Have used the TDS several times now with good results. Impressed with this tool. It is superior to what I was using before. Chris Chardt President. Nordic Pest Control

I have come to depend on TDS, because we have quite a few structures in the southern New Jersey area that are built on slab construction.  TDS works great in areas we cannot get a visual inspection, around fire places and small crawlspaces. Just two days ago the old TDS unit finally went out and it has given me ten good years of service. Best part, if TDS detected termites, the termites were there, whether during the initial inspection or when I went back later.  Of course with the new Termidor it is more important than ever to see that the Subterranean Termites were taken out and TDS records no further activity.  My routine is to do a total inspection, leaving a piece of painters tape on the wall when the TDS alarm goes off, continue, go back a second time.  The third inspection was with the homeowner, Realtor or whoever was there and of course, TDS sounded the alarm and we then explained what we have, how it works and why it works all the time.

Thank you for your help and even in the past when people have found your site, you referred them to us and we did the inspections in our area and everyone was happy.

"TDS is the best investment you can make in your company and its future. In a word, it's awesome! - It never goes wrong”.

"On a new estimate inspection, prior companies had insisted the customer had no live Subterranean Termites just damage. I inspected 4 feet from the damage area and the TDS alarm sounded and I won the sale!"

“During Hurricane Sandy I lost my termite work truck and my TDS Unit was inside of it. Just wanted to say thank you for helping us out here in Long Beach, NY with a new TDS replacement unit.  Our TDS has always worked great and has helped my techs and myself out of a few jams doing termites. I have also picked up a few accounts with it.  Today I was using my new replacement TDS you just sent and I have paid for it on the first job that I inspected.  I found termites in the walls where most experienced home inspectors would have missed them and saved a possible re-treatment of the property.
Thank you,” Long Beach, NY 

"TDS is a high quality, 100% accurate, Termite Finding Machine!", Keith Gross, Florida

"Great product that sells itself and I will keep on sending referrals, good luck”.

"We use our TDS Unit a lot and it has really helped our Termite Business."

"This thing actually works. I have used other detection devices and this one works the best. Thank you very much".

“It is a great sales tool and finds the very small infestations before any damage is done.”

“It has saved our company a lot of money in damage claims.”

"TDS is the best money I've spent, and it really works. I pinpointed a nest of Formosans, opened the wall, and there they were. I'm very happy with the equipment."
New Orleans