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The TDS-II consists of a carbon dioxide (CO2) portable detector with a built in air sample pump, It has a long flexible probe arm. The probe is used to slowly check the sheet rock wall at the baseboard on the inside of a building and the air pump draws in an air sample that is passed to the carbon dioxide detector. Any increase above the control reading indicates an active termite infestation. This system detects active termites only. The TDS-II Detects All Species of Termites: Subterranean, Dry wood and Formosan Termites.
The step by step process to detect termites: With the unit in the MEDIUM SENSITIVITY SETTING slowly run the probe along the baseboard. If the alarm sounds each time the probe passes a certain point this will indicate termites in that area of the wall.
The TDS-II can pick up a termite infestation within a five foot area. If the alarm continuously sounds for up to ten seconds each time the probe is near the same area, you have verified a termite infestation with 100% accuracy.

For more information, download the TDS-II Professional manual.


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